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Taxi Accidents

The traffic and congestion problems in South Texas are well-known, and it can be hard to avoid them. Many people need a vehicle to get around. For those without their own cars, a taxi is often a necessity. Unfortunately, that also means that taxi accidents are a common occurrence. A negligent or careless taxi cab driver can put you in extreme danger.personal Injury attorneys
If you were a passenger in a cab and the driver got in a crash because of recklessness, you may have grounds for compensation with the help of a taxi accident South Texas lawyer.
Because time is money for a taxi cab driver, they often take unnecessary risks in order to reach their destination. They can also work long hours, which increases the chances of unsafe driving practices because of exhaustion or lack of judgment. With income determined by the number of trips, it is no wonder taxi cab drivers sometimes make mistakes in their hurry.
Some of the traffic conditions that may result include running a red light or a stop sign, failing to keep a safe distance from other motorists, driving too fast or driving in unsafe weather conditions. In addition, a poorly maintained cab which may, for example, have faulty brakes, is also at more of a risk of getting into an accident because the parts are not functioning properly.
If you believe you were a victim of a taxi accident because of the driver’s unsafe practices, the evidence is often not hard to find. Taxis are required to carry black boxes that record speed, velocity and time, which can be used to track down exactly when and how the accident occurred.
However, it will be important to act quickly and hire a South Texas taxi accident lawyer who can help you track down this crucial evidence to use as proof in court. You should not have to suffer because of medical costs, lost wages or emotional distress simply because you were the passenger in the wrong cab.
The taxi company which owns the cab involved in the accident often has insurance coverage, which facilitates the process of negotiating a settlement. However, insurance companies often want to settle quickly and for less than what the victims deserve. Insurance company settlements typically do not reflect future pain and suffering or medical costs that may appear some time after the accident.
Injuries that could have symptoms that appear later include head and neck injuries caused by whiplash, which can take some time to assess. In the meantime, you should not be under financial pressure while you focus on recovery. In addition to medical costs, you could face lost wages and earnings if you are not able to work because of your injuries.personal injury attorneys
While an insurance company will attempt to gloss over this during settlement negotiations, a taxi accident lawyer will be sure to have these figures in mind and can fight for you. If you employ a South Texas personal injury lawyer who specializes in representing the victims of taxi accidents, you can be sure you will get far more financial compensation than by dealing with the insurance company on your own.

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