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Getting into college is an enormous achievement, and it involves getting more than admission into the institution. A person needs to be able to afford the expense of studying in college, and most families can find this beyond their means. This is where college financial aid comes in, since there are many attractive programs whereby a person can get the money to go to college. Even though there are many federal programs to help a person with student loans and need based awards, university scholarships are most sought after because a person who is the beneficiary of a scholarship does not need to repay the money, unlike other types of financial aid which need to be repaid over time. It is possible for some students to get their entire academic and living expenses covered with the help of the right kind of

A person looking to join a good college needs to put in a lot of effort to see what combination of financial aid he or she will be using. Since many colleges and institutions offer scholarships to a wide range of students, it obviously makes a lot of sense to study this subject in some detail.

For starters, it is important to know that there are different types of university scholarships available. There are merit-based scholarships that are determined by a person’s achievements in academics, athletics, the arts or community service. These are usually given to truly outstanding students. There are also need-based scholarships that are usually given to people whose families are more financially needy than the others. Some of these scholarships are federal, in which case the student will need to fill out a Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA).

Career-specific scholarships are awarded on the basis of certain academic streams the person wishes to follow. As is indicated by the name, these scholarships are given on the understanding that the student will enter that specific profession. There are also student-specific scholarships which are given on the basis of the specific demographic the student belongs to. Many colleges offer scholarships on the basis of race, gender or religion. The purpose of these scholarships is to promote diversity in the educational institution and to give students belonging to certain underprivileged sections of society an opportunity to get a good education.

These university scholarships are highly coveted since the money does not have to be returned and the competition to get them is consequently very stiff. These scholarships represent the only chance that certain students have of getting good quality education. A person who wants a scholarship to go to university has to therefore get all the necessary information to see which category he or she belongs to. It would be a pity if a person missed out on such an opportunity due to insufficient information or preparation. There are many websites that have a lot of detailed information on this subject, and a person should certainly visit them in order to get all the necessary inputs.